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Webinar: Microlearning & MOOCs to Revolutionize Corporate Training

EdX Anant Agarwal

Micro to Massive:

How Enterprises are Using Microlearning & MOOCs to Revolutionize Corporate Training

You are invited to join us July 19 at 11a PT / 2p ET for an exciting webinar led by Anant Agarwal, Founder/CEO of EdX.  In this webinar, we will define MooCs and Microlearning and explore how these can apply to the future of your learning and development efforts.

A change in the global-scale job skills training model is looming ahead. EdX and EdCast are committed to providing an important parts of the solution, which are underutilized in the corporate workplace, Massive Open Online Course (MooCs) and Microlearning.
EdX has been revolutionizing online learning since founded in 2012 at Harvard University and MIT. EdCast is the leading developer of artificial intelligence and analytics to provide an easy-to-use, distributed personalized knowledge discovery platform. Together, the organizations are changing the way people learn and share information.
Specifically, this webinar will focus on:

  • How MOOCs fill the void in traditional corporate learning by reinventing knowledge management
  • What Universities have learned over the last four years and how that relates to corporate learning
  • How Microlearning is meeting learner’s demands and will stay at the center of future corporate knowledge acquisition

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with leaders that are ushering in the future of corporate learning with big potential implications for your organization. Click the button below to register for this no-cost event:
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